Jan 11, 2013


In medieval times, profane words were kept in places other than a dying man’s bed, where Divinity and the Devilish Brigade were supposed to be having a nasty dispute. Symbols and gestures were paramount. Few could read, let alone write, and the ones who could were often more into heavenly, when not horticultural, issues. But I digress. Please take a look at the picture. The King is giving his right hand to his wife. Probably at the cost of perpetual shoulder pain and general discomfort, the Queen stretches her arm to give her right hand to her husband. Death is no excuse for not observing the etiquette.

(The tombs of king Duarte, the Philosopher, and his wife, Leonor, exposed to the inclemency of the weather at the Imperfect Chapels, Batalha Monastery, Portugal.)

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