Jan 2, 2013

Lisbon Stories (6)

Spot the Moon (Parque das Nações, East Lisbon) - Early morning walks allow you to see things is a crisp, unpolluted way. People are either asleep or too worried about getting to work on time to notice you or stay in the frame. The office building's lights are on, but through the ever larger windows you can only see the fleeting shadows of the cleaning personnel. Cleaning is not real work, is it? It disturbs, it is noisy, it is distractive, so it must be done before dawn, like Santa Claus's work, by people that live in places we've never seen and speak many languages we'll never understand. A fair number of the city workers live underground, in some secret place we can't or won't see, and breathe, trough pipes like these, the air we have in excess.

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