Jul 15, 2013


'You're too young to have cataracts', the doctor says. 'Well', I reply, 'maybe that's because I started to see at a very young age.' He laughs – go figure why – and writes his phone number on a piece of yellowish paper: 'Call me when you're ready.' Did I say 'yellowish?' Sorry, it's the habit. Monet, you know, the French artist who painted all those wonderful variations of a japanese bridge in his Giverny garden, had cataracts. After surgery, he returned to his beloved motif only to discover that, while it still had all the usual reds, greens and blues, they were in the wrong places (bear with me, si non è vero è ben trovato.)

Until cirgury I won't be able to coordinate my eyes, but you only need one eye to use a viewfinder, right? So I'm doing the best I can to capture all those weird, screaming colors that we both know aren't really there.